Holding The Lamp of Knowledge, We are a Welfare Society That Aims to Help the Future of Our Country through the Sword of Education. You Can Help Us by Donating Resources That’ll Help Others. Let’s Take a Pledge Together To Lift This Lamp & Enlighten The World.

Gyandeep Educational Welfare Society

Gyandeep – literally means the light of knowledge. India is a secular country with a population that is increasing faster than the changing seasons. In this fast thriving environment, Gyaandeep stands as an Educational Welfare Society.

Starting with a vision to help others, we have successfully made an impact on society which has not only made our eyes glow but also made our souls dance a joyous step. Gyandeep Educational Welfare Society is not something extraordinary. We are a bunch of ordinary people helping the underprivileged with the light of knowledge.

Our Children

What Can You Do?

What We Do?

Educational Centres

We Provide Education to the Underprivileged Children within Our Infrastructure & Expertise.

Donation Drives

We Do Donation Drives for Donating Whatever We Have Got from You at the End of The Month.

Provide Jobs

We also Provide Jobs and a Stable Source of Income to Anyone Willing to Teach Our Children.

One Time Meal

Mid-day is Optional But if The Children are Willing to, We Also Provide Mid-Day Meal Within Our Premises.

Our Vision

For any organization to sustain itself, Vision is one of the most important things. Our team consists of Visionary people willing to dedicate themselves immensely to the Welfare of our future and the people in need.

Our vision is very practical yet challenging. We want India to be among the World’s Most Educated Countries and the Gyandeep Educational Welfare Society is working towards providing top-notch education to the children who want to learn but are forced to earn.

We also seek to abolish the practice of child labour which is to this day in practice and according to some surveys done on the national level, between 6-13 Years around 3.5% population belonging to this age group is involved in Child Labour in India. Let’s make an impact together, better than anything!

Our Mission

Gyandeep Educational Welfare Society aims to derive the best out of the ignored. People who are generally working in hazardous or physically intensive work environments do not have the resources nor the time to provide a proper education for their families.

Our Mission is to make everyone stand on their own. Our youth is very fragile, we can steer them in the direction we want and shape their energy into the correct molds, but it is necessary to provide them with the right resources and most importantly a sustainable ever-lasting pool of knowledge.

A good education will not only make our children better human beings but also will make them understand the difference between right and wrong, which most of them misses upon. Let’s join hands together in this journey and make it one to remember!

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